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Train like the pros!
BasketballFIT workouts can be done anywhere you can find a ball and a hoop. ON-COURT WORKOUTS (3X per week) feature a calculated blend of cardio, HIIT training, and core strengthening all within the structure of basketball skills, drills, and challenges. No more boring workouts!

You'll train on the court just like the pros. Improve all aspects of your game while you get into the best shape of your life.

In addition, our STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUTS (2X per week) will make sure you end up looking like an elite athlete as you improve your explosiveness, speed, and physique. All the things basketball players need in order to dominate on and off the court!

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On-Court Workouts
We hoop because we love the game! Join BasketballFIT 3 days a week for your ON-COURT WORKOUTS. All you need is a hoop and a ball.

Indoor court, outdoor court, park, driveway ... it doesn't matter where you play as long as you love the game.

These sessions are designed by professional hoop trainers to improve specific aspects of your game while providing a good mix of cardio, HIIT, and core strengthening. Calories burn and fat melts away while you simply focus on getting better.

BasketballFIT's skills, drills, games, and challenges were developed by top NBA and NCAA trainers, and are easily adaptable for all experience levels, ages, and abilities. Train alone or with a partner.

Train on the court just like the very best players in the world. Let your love of the game propel you to a level of fitness and energy that you've never experienced before!
Strength Training Workouts
Working on your game during the BasketballFIT on-court workouts is enough to put you on a path to health and long-term happiness, but in order to change your body composition and achieve your potential as a player, you'll want to incorporate strength and resistance training.

That's why as part of your BasketballFIT membership, you'll receive access to our bi-weekly strength training program.

Don't have access to a weight room? No worries. Each workout features both a "WEIGHT ROOM" and "BODYWEIGHT ONLY" option for those without equipment.

Designed by Thomas Bjorn Belliston, a fitness pro with years of coaching experience and a passion for the game of basketball, each 30-minute strength workout includes video demos to keep you on the path to the lean, athletic body you were meant to have!
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